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The Courtesy of Angels

Production: L'harmoniste

Year: 2016

Length: 23 min

Format: 2K

Affiche The Courtesy of Angels valerie theodore

Louise, a young care assistant, performs an internship in a retirement home, final step before the hiring that she hopes for.
Her unexpected encounter with an old amnesic man, Mr Vadim, leads the young woman to face a decisive choice. Her future is about to tip over.

Cast                                                                  Crew members

Delphine Théodore

André Oumansky

Alexis Rangheard

Julie Léger

Corinne Corson

Sylvie Audcoeur

Astrid Panossian

Patrick Rousseau

Veronika Ovchinnikova

Director: Valérie Théodore

Screenwriter: Valérie Théodore

Producer: Julie Léger

Director of Photography: Xavier Thesnon-Hily

Sound engineer: Sergio Henriquez Martinez

Sound editors: J. Orantin, T. Wargny

Sound mixer: Lucien Richardson

Editor: Ludivine Saes

Set decorator: Pascale-Joanne Rabaud

Assistant director: Ana Uribe

Continuity supervisor: Pauline Gargala

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Best International Short Film, First City Film Festival, United States (2018)

Best Foreign Short Film, Florida Comedy Film Festival, United States (2018)

Best Foreign Language Short Film, Peak City International Film Festival, United States (2017)

Best Europe Film Award, European Cinematography Awards, Poland (2017)

Best Film Award, AMIIWorkFest, Lithuania (2017)

Best Drama Short Film, South Film and Arts Academy Festival, Chili (2017)

Best Director Award, Red Corner Film Festival, Italy (2017)

Special Jury Award, North American Film Awards, United States (2017)

Special Jury Award, Short to the Point International Short Film Festival, Romania (2017)

Special Jury Mention, Eurocinema Film Festival, Switzerland (2017)

Best Actress Award for Delphine Théodore, Directors Cut Film Festival, Canada (2017)

Best Actress Award for Delphine Théodore, WIIFA, Wolves Independent International Film Awards, Lithuania (2017)

Best Actress Award for Delphine Théodore, Paul Simon Film Festival, France (2017)

Lead Actress Mention for Delphine Théodore, South Film and Arts Academy Festival, Chili (2017)

Best Supporting Actor for Alexis Rangheard, South Film and Arts Academy Festival, Chili (2017)

Best Soundtrack Award, Paul Simon Film Festival, France (2017)


French Spring Festival in Ukraine (2017) - Unifrance Selection

FestiFrance BH - Belo Horizonte International Film Festival, Brazil (2017)

Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona, Spain (2017)

Festival of Nations, Austria (2017)

International Festival Parisian Seasons in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (2017)

Olhares do Mediterrâneo Festival, Portugal (2017)

MedFF, Italy (2017)

Cinalfama, Lisbon International Film Awards, Portugal (2017)

Two Riversides Film and Art Festival, Poland (2017)

Contis International Film Festival, France (2017)

Austrian Independent Film Festival, Austria (2017)

Ficcsur, Southern Cone International Film Festival, Chile (2017)

Stockholm Independent Film Festival, Sweden (2017) 

Moving Pictures Festival, Belgium (2017)

Film Fest 52, United States (2017)

Delco Film Festival, United States (2017)

Sose International Film Festival, Armenia (2017)

El Ojo Cojo International Film Fest, Spain (2017)


AM Egypt Film Festival, Egypt (2017)

Frame by Sound Festival - Finalist,

Dominican Republic (2017)


Sunrise 45 Alpena Film Festival, United States (2017)

Eau Claire World Film Festival, United States (2017)

Charlotte Film Festival, United States (2017)

Balinale, Bali International Film Festival, Indonesia


Nida Short Film Festival, Lithuania (2017)

Twin Cities Film Fest, United States (2017)


Ecran Libre Film Festival , France (2017)

FICABC - Atlantic International Film Festival, Colombia (2017)

Fisheye Film Festival, United Kingdom (2017)

Indigo Moon Film Festival, United States (2017)

Ouarzazate International Film Festival, Morocco (2017)

Southern City Film Festival, United States (2017)

Madrid Art Film Festival, Spain (2017)

Crossing the Screen Film Festival, United Kingdom (2017)

Carrboro Film Festival, United States (2017)


Signes de Nuit International Film Festival, France (2017)

Oslo Independent Film Festival, Norway (2017)

Les Sens de l'Art Film Festival, France (2017)

Los Angeles San Rafael Film Festival, Spain (2017)

MMTB International Film Festival, United States (2017)

Signos de la Noche, Portugal (2017)

IbizaCinefest, Spain (2018)

Central Alberta Film Festival, Canada (2018)

Redline International Film Festival, Canada (2018)

Short. Sweet. Film Fest, United States (2018)

Cinémas et Cultures du Monde Film Festival, France (2018)

Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival, finalist, United States (2018)

Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne, finalist, Australia (2018)

Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, United States (2018)

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